Converting Leica-LIF files for import to PickCells


What is the best way to change a large .lif file to tiff in order to import into PickCells? Does each z-stack have to be saved individually as a tiff file or can the .lif file be converted in bulk?


Hi @Darren,
I think @SamW has written a macro in imagej in order to do exactly this.
Very soon, the bulk import from lif libraries will be enabled in PickCells allowing you to do this in PickCells directly. you will be able to select subsets of the images you wish to import as well. I’ll post here once the feature is available.


Yes - see attached for the macro.
Macro_LIFtoTIF.ijm (865 Bytes)


Hi @Darren,
Support for .lif files (and other BioFormats supported files) has been pushed on the develop branch on the PickCells repo. This will be available in the next minor release.