Novel collaboration with EPCC

Starting from February, we are going to work together with the EPCC at the university of Edinburgh to improve both user and developer documentation.
The team at EPCC is also already providing very precious feedback on software design and online tools to optimise the way PickCells can benefit the community.


Super looking forward to how this goes! Keep up the great work @Ghiomm :grin::panda_face:



Just giving an update on the work with our colleagues at EPCC:

The online infrastructure for the documentation of PickCells and for engaging with the community is now in place! A summary of the work that has been accomplished so far can be read on either of these 2 blog posts by Mike Jackson:

The new website is not yet ready for public use but content is now being added regularly. We thank our colleagues at EPCC for the great work they have put already.

The next stage is now to undertake a usability evaluation of PickCells in order to obtain feedback from users and to define the next development cycles aimed at improving user experience.