PickCells v0.7.0


###PickCells v0.7.0 is now available:###

The new version can be downloaded from our ownCloud repo (password : pickcells).

This update marks a crucial step in the development of PickCells as it corresponds (hopefully) to the version we are going to submit for publication.

Change Log:

  • New feature:
  • Automated generation of ‘Blank Canvas’ for manual painting of regions in image space (‘virtual dissection’).
  • Bug fixes and small improvements:
  • Fixed issues with a rare corruption of the MetaModel after specific user interactions sequences.
  • Live query builders now faithfully update when the MetaModel is updated concurrently.
  • Dialog for dimensions choices in visualisation modules now display the last selected dimension when reopened.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Major update of the MetaModel management system
    The major change for this version is the way the MetaModel is managed internally. The first time you run this version on an existing database, you will be prompted with a dialog to confirm that you wish to update your datastore. Note that once, updated, the datastore will not be compatible with previous versions of PickCells.
    For this reason, if you already have an existing installation of PickCells, you are advised to backup your databases before running this new version. To do so simply copy and paste the ‘admindb’ folder to another folder somewhere on your file system. You should do the same for experiment databases as well. This version as been tested but there is always a chance that some bugs have hidden somewhere.

As usual, to update an existing installation, navigate to the root folder of your PickCells installation and delete all files and folders except the admindb folder. Then, extract archive into the PickCells folder.

Any issues, let us know!