Segmentation of dense areas



I am segmenting in a very dense area and would love it if individual segmented cells could be represented by random colours rather than all being outlined in white. I feel this would allow me to more quickly establish if the segmentation was accurate when cells are closely associated.


This was accidentally written using Michael’s account but is actually from me - Julia


As a bit of an add on, the ability to examine cells on Nessy in terms of their volume etc. is really helpful but would be improved if you could select and highlight individual cells to then delete or edit. In its current state it does not show the cell selected.


Hi @julia.watson,

Yes this is due to the way this works under the hood:
Each ‘Appearance Mode’ uses a different ‘Colour Management’ scheme and each one is unaware of the other, they both listen for your inputs independently. In other words it is a bit tricky to implement the feature you are asking for.

Would it help if there were a keyboard shortcut which allows to switch back and forth between each mode?


Yes a keyboard shortcut to switch would be helpful.