Spot Counter - knowing nuclei numbers


When optimizing the spot counter settings it would be really useful to know the number of nuclei segmented for that particular image, in order to get an idea of how close a match nuclei and centriole numbers were.


Hi @julia.watson,

Before opening the spot detector, you can check how many nuclei there are in the database by opening a pie chart and query all the nuclei. When you hover on top of the chart, you will get the number of nuclei.

We should probably add a shortcut on the MetaModel to find the number of objects of a particular type though (I have created an issue on the development branch).

Knowing that you can obtain this number by other means, do you think it would still be important to have this number from within the spot editor? (It’s a genuine questin :grin:)

Btw, @SamW requested something similar but for editors (when we still don’t know the number)