"Unable to open color image" error in NESSys

I have imported my color images as single TIFFs and run NESSys. I set all my desired parameters and train a classifier, and everything works fine. But when I click Finish, the software thinks for a while, and then gives me the error “Unable to open colour image”. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Hello Karo,

Good to hear you are still using PickCells - sorry this is giving you an error!

Can you tell me a bit more:

  • Nessys / PickCells version
  • Size of Tiff files
  • Dimensions of images

Also can you check if all your color images have been successfully imported in the experiment folder (in locations > database folder you should see all your images saved as .ics/.ids files)


Hi Guillaume :slight_smile:

-I am using PickCells 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT
-Each TIFF image is 100-200MB in size, and I am analyzing 16 of them in total.
-The “Table Set” shows dimensions 0-4, where dimension 0 and 1 are both 1024 (image resolution), dimension 2 is 4 (number of channels), dimension 3 varies by Z-stack depth, and dimension 4 is always 1.

I also checked the eperiment database folder and all images are these as .ics and .ids files, their names don’t contain any spaces.

Thanks for the troubleshooting! :slight_smile:


Hi @Karopunovuori,

I would need to replicate the error in order to figure out what is wrong.
Would you maybe be able to share the experiment folder in some way?